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* Myinking Tab is a portable digital whiteboard tool with multi-user feature.

* Compatible with Desktop/Laptop running on Windows 7,8,10 and 11 OS.

* Supports any digital whiteboard and graphic software applications.

* Packed with Myinking Whiteboard software for online teaching, virtual whiteboard collaboration, digital art and e-note.

* Equipped with pre-programmed hotkeys for Myinking whiteboard software, Powerpoint Slideshow, Windows Desktop function and shotkeys for Word, Excel, PPT, One Note, Microsoft Whiteboard, Skype, Teams, Google Meet, Webex Teams, Google Meet and printer function.


myinking Tab

    * Technology: Electromagnetic 
    * Resonance Resolution: < 0.01mm (4096 LPI) 
    * Pressure Resolution: 4096 levels @ full scale 
    * Coordinate Accuracy: ±0.5mm (Center Area) ±1.0mm (Edge Area) 
    * Coordinate Deviation : When Tilting Pen ±1.0mm (tilted ±45°from vertical) (see Note ) 
    * Detectable Height: 5mm above the surface 
    * Position Report Rate: ≥260 pps 
    * Digital pen: EMR digitizer pen with cap 
    * Active Area: 136 x 217 mm 
    * Interface: USB interface (micro USB) 
    * Power: Power by USB 5V 
    * Operation System: Windows 7, Windows 10 and above, Android 6.0 and above 
    * Software: Myinking Whiteboard Windows 
    * Software: Supports Windows Inking and Office Inking, Supports digital sign, Supports Wintab standard for artwork design, such as Photoshop, CorlDraw, Illustrator, SAI….. 
    * Hotkey functions : support Office 2013, Office 2016 and Office 2019, Office 365 and above.
    Software Included: Myinking Multi User  Whiteboard 
    Package Content
    myinking tab x1
    EMR Pen x 1
    Plastic Nib x 2
    Inking Nib x 1
    Nib Clip x 1
    Bag x 1
    Micro USB x 1
    Micro USB converter x 1
    TYPE C converter x 1
    myinking Paper x 1 
    User Manual x 1
    Warranty Card x 1
    Support and Technical Enquiries: 
    You can finds us in social media @myinking 
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